The Codex and the Illuminated Manuscript | c. 400-600 AD



illuminated manuscript


The term codex comes from a latin word meaning “block of wood” because they evolved from engravings on wood and other similar solid objects.  Random access allows you to find information by just going right to it while sequential access goes through a sequence to find the information. A codex is essentially the olden days version of a modern book, while an illuminated manuscript was made by monks for religious purposes. The monks who made these manuscripts had unbelievable craftsmanship, or neatness and skill. This is important because it made the illuminated manuscripts so cool and neat. The format of a codex was great because it was way less fragile than previous books and they lasted longer. This is why we still use this form of book today. Textbook, leisure books, magazines, and even some newspapers still utilize the style of a codex.


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