Review #3

For Job #10, what did you do for each step of the creative/design process? Describe your process from start to finish. 

For job #10, i started out by looking up examples of complex infographics to get some inspiration. Then I brainstormed to see what I wanted to do my infographic about. It came down to a few different ideas, but in the end, I chose “how to make grilled cheese” because I had made grilled cheese for my sister and I the night before. Then, it was time to make the actual design. I decided to use oranges and browns as the main colors because they are fall colors and grilled cheese reminds me of fall. It was a requirement to incorporate a photo in our design, which is why I used a picture of grilled cheese as the background. After I finished my design, I critiqued it and fixed it up a little bit. Then it was ready to be turned in.

What is color psychology? How can it affect a composition/design?

Color psychology is how different colors affect the mood and emotions of the person or people seeing them. It can affect a design because different colors mean different thing and help evoke different emotions, so they can help get your message across. 


How did you incorporate color into your infographic? Did the color enhance the design? Why?

I incorporated color into my infographic based on what colors i thought related to my topic, which were orange and brown. I think it did enhance my infographic because when you think of grilled cheese, you think of fall, and when you think of fall, you think of orange and brown.


2 examples of complex infographics…

This infographic utilizes a black background with bright colors on top to grab the viewers attention and carry them through the design. This infographic is interesting to look at because it emphasized certain things and its not too balanced and has some contrast. Also, a couple different fonts were used to keep the design from being boring.

This infographic uses colors that are cool feeling and welcoming. It uses ships to represent the data, instead of traditional bars. Also, some ships are emphasized more than others, showing that their data is more severe. The type is placed in untraditional places which makes the design all the more interesting.


Review #2

Why is file management (organizing your design files) an integral part of the job/assignment process?

Because if you stay organized it will make the whole process and it makes it way easier to go in and fix things if you stay organized. You will be able to spend more time on the design and less time finding where you saved it or finding out which layer you need to edit.

What is the resolution necessary for printing raster images (images from Photoshop)?


What is the resolution necessary for displaying images on a monitor or website?


Name the principles of design and define each in your own words?

 contrastРelements of the design difer

emphasis– one object is the focus of the design

unity/variety– how many of the same/different things there are in the design

figure/ground– the positive and negative space

balance– how equally spaced out a design is or isnt

repetition– repeating an object or concept in a design

rhythm– how well a design flows

Complex Infographic Inspiration

I like how this infographic utilizes colors and it attracts my eyes

This one is really interesting to look at and it makes something not so interesting, interesting

I think that this one is just cool to look at and it shows the information in an interesting way

I like all of the lines that lead to different things in this infographic

I think this one is fun to look at and easy to understand. I also really like the colors.

Infographics Inspiration

I wanted to create an infographic that had to do with what people use their smartphones for because I have a smartphone and I wanted to know what other people use theirs for. Here are some things that are inspiring me while I make my infographic:

I like how this infographic uses bread as their bars since the graph is about why Americans like bread

I just like how this one draws my attention to it

I love the bright colors on a black background and its really cool how they made a human body out of illustrations of weird records

These ones just draw my attention and are interesting to look like

This is the information I chose to make my infographic on because it really interests me and I think other people will be interested too.

Review #1

Imposition is the arrangement of pages in a specific order to assure correct page sequence after the booklet or magazine has been printed. It is an important part of the prepress process because if you didn’t impose your multiple page document, it wouldn’t print in the correct order and pages would be all over the place. Other steps involved in the prepress process are preflighting, and proofing both visuals and text. Spreads are two pages that are put together. There are two different types of spreads, reader and printer spreads. Reader spreads are the arrangement of pages in the order or reading while printer spreads are the arrangement of pages in the correct sequence for printing.

Job #6 PTSA Handbook Inspiration

This is my inspiration for what I want my student directory front cover design to look like, but instead of a tan notebook, mine will be black and instead of a bunch of little paws, mine will just have one big paw.




Intro to Graphics Portfolio

Throughout this year in Introduction to Graphic Design, I have learned how to do a lot of different things, and I have grown as a designer. I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign. With these three programs, I have been able to create some interesting pieces, and I have grown tremendously as an artist. I started off not knowing how to even get started in these programs, and now I can do so many different effects and create so many different kinds of designs. I also learned the elements and principles of design and the history of design which helped me become an even better designer. Here, I have selected what I think are my best ten pieces that I have made this year.

The variety of artwork that I have learned how to create this year is vast. I can now make a collage that looks like a bigger picture in Photoshop, an illuminated manuscript that looks like the ones that monks made from hundreds of years ago, and really, everything else in between. I have grown as a designer through this year, and I definitely think my work in this portfolio shows it. I went from not even knowing what any of these programs do, to being able to create all of this artwork on my own. I have learned so much this year, and not all of it has to do with graphic design. I learned a little bit about the business world and how important it is to meet deadlines. I also learned all about the history of visual communications that I never knew before. This class helped me understand how the real world is while at the same time I was learning all of these techniques in these three different computer programs. I definitely plan on taking the next class of graphic design because I am interested in bettering myself as a designer as well as bettering myself as a person in society.

Overall, I think I have exceeded my personal expectations. I never thought that after just one year in this class, I would know everything that I know now. I have come so far in the past year, it really is incredible. I have become such a better designer, as you can see throughout the progress of my artwork. I am excited to continue my high school career in graphic design, and I really cant wait to see where I am at the end of next years school year.

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